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Pregnancy has an extraordinary impact on Mother’s body, some of which even seem strange. For example, your mouth feels bitter even though you are eating the food you like. So maybe you ask, is there really a change in the taste of the food?

Launching Utswmed Org, in medical terms it is known as dysgeusia, Mother. Namely the change in the sense of taste. During pregnancy, these changes are most likely caused by pregnancy hormones.

As a result, Mother can hate the food that Mother really liked before, and conversely crave food that Mother did not dislike before. Sometimes, too, it can cause a sour or metallic taste in the mouth, even if you don’t eat anything.



Bitter mouth and full stomach are signs of pregnancy

So, is a full stomach also a strange sign of pregnancy? Let’s look at other signs of pregnancy, Mother.

Immunify explains, some unusual signs of pregnancy are:

Mother must be familiar with this. Even tend to think vaginal discharge is a natural thing that happens to almost all women. So that sometimes Mother does not realize that vaginal discharge is also a sign of pregnancy.

Most pregnant women deal with sticky, white or pale yellow vaginal discharge in the early days of the first trimester, and in some cases, throughout the pregnancy.

Leucorrhoea is the result of increased hormones and vaginal blood flow. This helps prevent infection during pregnancy, as during this time the cervix and vaginal walls soften.

Headaches, cramps and feeling the urge to urinate continuously

Plasma volume and hormone changes during pregnancy can cause headaches, Mother. Plus, some women experience period-like pain and cramping on one or both sides of the lower abdomen.

Most women have to go to the restroom frequently. Why? This occurs because the enlarged uterus puts pressure on your bladder.

Blackmores Pregnancy & BreastBlackmores Pregnancy & Breast/ Photo: Lazada

Pregnancy causes your digestive system to slow down a bit. This is to give time for the blood to absorb the nutrients that enter the Mother, for the Little One to consume. Therefore, Mother can feel bloated, want to pass gas or defecate all the time.

But it’s not that easy to empty the stomach, as a result Mother becomes full. Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause constipation or high levels of progesterone loosen the intestinal walls, which makes it difficult for your digestion.

Mothers can overcome this by adding extra fiber to food, consuming lots of fluids, and don’t forget to exercise regularly. If you feel you need one, ask your doctor about safe stool softeners for pregnancy that you can use.

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