Aming’s Spiritual Journey, Hijrah without Force, Insertlive –

Aming grew up as an artist with all the controversy. In the past year, he even dared to dress like a woman and reap blasphemy.

This man whose real name is Amink Supriatna Sugandhi has now moved. Occurring spontaneously, Aming stated that his spiritual journey occurred without coercion.

“Nothing, no moments. I’m not a dramatic person, not overdramatic,” Aming said when met in the Senayan area, Central, quoted from detikcom.

“I’m just a lazy person, just suddenly,” he continued.

Aming refused when asked to tell about his hijrah journey. He stated that he only wanted to be a better human being at his no longer young age.

“Yes, the name is human, the field is a mistake. I personally think, yes, I want to be even better,” explained Aming.

“You’re getting older, right? So hopefully you can have a higher quality life,” he added explaining.

Aming also explained that after migrating, there has been no significant change from him. Evelin Nada Anjani’s ex-husband is still enjoying the process.

“Nothing has changed. It’s just that it’s still a learning process, how come learning is on going, yes, it’s still going. So we don’t get excited, don’t have to think about goals, but think about the process,” concluded Aming.


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