6 Biggest Parenting Mistakes That Can Destroy Children’s Trust and Self-Esteem, Parents Beware!

Parents certainly want their children to grow into strong and independent individuals. But unknowingly, some parents often make parenting mistakes that can damage their child’s mental health.

Tracy Hutchinson PhD. LMHC, a clinical psychologist, shares 6 parenting mistakes that are most often made by parents which can actually damage a child’s mental strength. Reporting from CNBC, here’s the review!

1. Ignoring Children’s Feelings

Acknowledge what your child is feeling/photo: Pixabay/Lisa Runnels
Acknowledge how your child is feeling/photo: Pixabay/Lisa Runnels

Children need to know and learn that expressing and talking about their emotions is important and healthy. Parents who say things to their children like, “There’s no need to be so sad” or “It’s not that important” send a message to their children that their feelings don’t matter and that it’s better to hold them in or not.

When a child shows an expression of fear when a big rain occurs, for example, parents should say, “Dad/mother know you are scared now”. Then, ask what would make them feel better. This can help and teach children how to manage and deal with their own emotions.

2. Always Save Children from Failure

Give kids a chance to solve difficult things on their own/photo: Pixabay/Chuck Underwood
Giving children the opportunity to solve difficult things on their own/photo: Pixabay/Chuck Underwood

As parents, sometimes we get excited when we see children having difficulty completing challenges that are easy to complete. However, we need to realize that failure is part of success.

If we always give answers to children when they have difficulty doing schoolwork, we need to remember that we cannot be present when they have to take exams at school. So, children must learn from failure. If they are not given the opportunity, they will not have the ability to rise after failure.

3. Too Pampering Children

photo: Pixabay/Marcela
Giving children what they want with challenges and mentoring/photo: Pixabay/Marcela

Children will feel happy to get the things they want, and parents are also happy when they can give them what they want. However, research shows that easily giving them what they want can deprive them of skills related to mental strength, such as self-discipline.

Parents can teach children to control themselves by setting clear rules. For example, completing tasks before using gadgets or doing homework to earn pocket money. This provides an opportunity for children to learn, that they can achieve what they want if they try hard.

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