5 Tasya Kamila Routines when Bathing Children, Can Strengthen Bun Bonding

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Tasya Kamila is enjoying her role as the mother of two children. This 30-year-old woman has favorite bonding moments with her two children, Arrasya Wardhana Bachtiar and Shafanina Wardhana Bachtiar.

For Tasya, bathing a child is the most precious moment she experiences when she has a newborn. Especially recently, Tasya is busy taking care of baby Shanin who is still 2 months old.

She revealed this in a talk show session with the theme of Contemporary Products that New Mothers Really Must Have with Johnson & Johnson at the LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023 event.



“The most enjoyable moment is when bathing Little One. As simple as bathing it becomes a warm bonding moment. If you take a bath, he wakes up, yes, unlike other moments he is fussy, or even just wants to calm down. So, taking a bath is the perfect moment for me to bond with children,” said Tasya at Grand Atrium Mall Kota Kasablanka, South Newsdelivers.com, Saturday (18/3/23).

Tasya Kamila’s routine when bathing children

So that you don’t get curious, let’s take a peek at Tasya Kamila’s five routines when bathing children:

1. Bathe your own child

To create the perfect bonding moment, Tasya Kamila always takes the time to bathe her own child. Randi Bachtiar’s wife wants to be directly involved in the process of bathing the child.

“Bathing is a moment that I really have to be hands on because I can bond with him, I can watch his body in detail from head to toe. I want to remember that he is not always small, he will also grow, so I want to cherish this moment, I feel like I want to freeze,” he said.

2. Baby oil before bathing

Before bathing the baby, Tasya Kamila has a habit that she never skips. Tasya first smeared baby oil on the baby’s body while doing a light massage.

“Usually I rub it on my hands first so that it’s warm, then I apply it. If the skin is dry, I also like to drip baby oil into the bath water,” said Tasya.

3. Stimulation of love while bathing

When bathing the baby, Tasya Kamila will do a gentle touch full of love. Tasya occasionally also invites the Little One to talk while looking into his eyes.

On the same occasion, Dita Monica as Brand Manager for Johnsons Baby said that bathing a baby is a strong bonding moment because of skin to skin.

“When you look into his eyes, when you touch him, it seems a small act, but the impact is extraordinary. The touch of parental love is a fundamental stimulation in the baby’s sensory development,” said Dita.

4. Use lotion and cologne

After bathing the baby, Tasya will dry the little one with a soft towel. Next, Tasya will apply lotion to the baby’s skin.

Apart from that, Tasya also likes to put baby cologne on the clothes her little one wears. “Lastly, I used baby cologne. It makes my little one smell good all day long, it doesn’t smell sour. It makes it smell good, especially for my older brother who often plays on the playground,” he said.

5. Massage before bed

To complete the bathing process, Tasya Kamila will usually repeat the baby massage process using baby oil before her child goes to sleep. This is done to make the Little One sleep better.

“Newborn babies are often fussy when feeding, they get a lot of wind in their stomach and they can’t expel it themselves. If it starts to ‘eeeh’, that’s a sign that he’s bloated. You can massage it using the I Love You movement, which is recommended by doctors, to help expel gas. inside the body,” he said.

Apart from Tasya Kamila, talk show sessions with other speakers can still be watched at the LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023 event tomorrow, Sunday (19/3/23). Don’t miss it, Mother.


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