5 Girl Group Members Attending Milan Fashion Week 2023, Enchanting Everyone!

The 2023 Milan Fashion Week is back in the spotlight. Not only famous figures and lovers of the fashion industry, a number of Korean celebrities such as members of K-Pop girl groups also had the opportunity to attend this famous fashion event.

In the following, Beautynesia has summarized the five K-Pop girl group members who were present at Milan Fashion Week 2023. Check it out, Beauties!

1. Joy Red Velvet

Joy Red Velvet.
Joy Red Velvet. /Foto: instagram.com/_imyour_joy

This Red Velvet member is a member of the girl group attending Milan Fashion Week 2023. The previous year, Joy had also attended Milan Fashion Week. However, Joy attended Milan Fashion Week this year as Tod’s brand ambassador.

In addition, Joy also attended Milan Fashion Week 2023 with colleagues from SM Entertainment, Jeno NCT. Joy looks very elegant, huh?

2. Momo TWICE

Momo TWICE./Photo: instagram.com/momo

Momo TWICE is also present at Milan Fashion Week 2023, you know! He was invited by a Japanese brand, Onitsuka Tiger, to attend their collection at Milan Fashion Week 2023.

So, Momo is the third member of TWICE to attend Milan Fashion Week 2023 after friends, Sana and Chaeyoung, were guests at Milan Fashion Week 2022. Momo’s all-black look looks really cool too, right?

3. Hanni NewJeans

Hanni NewJeans.
Hanni NewJeans./ Photo: instagram.com/newjeans_official

Even though NewJeans is still a new fourth generation girl group, NewJeans has been eyed by many high-end brands. One of them is Gucci, who made Hanni NewJeans a Gucci brand ambassador.

With an all-white appearance, Hanni NewJeans looks more mature and elegant. No wonder the “Ditto” singer was chosen as the brand ambassador, huh!

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