41 Years Old! Wulan Guritno looks youthful and intimate with her partner

SuaraSoreang.id – Wulan Guritno This widow of three children, often gets compliments on her youth, at the age of 41.

Recently, Wulan Guritno has returned to the spotlight of netizens, after showing the results of a photo shoot with his girlfriend, namely Sabda Ahessa.

From the photo shoot, Wulan Guritno looks very open, wearing a skirt and bikini, while Sabda Ahessa is wearing an open shirt and shorts.

The two of them looked very intimate while doing the photo shoot, while sitting between the legs of Sabda Ahessa who was half asleep, Wulan Guritno looked comfortable in this pose.

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In fact, this is not the first time Wulan Guritno and Sabda Ahessa have taken pictures wearing sexy clothes, so this has led to many comments from netizens.

“Yesss, the body is for age 40, makes me fit and beautiful in my opinion, if you want clothes and their hubs, that’s your right, artists and descendants of Caucasians are normal for him”, Comment @midiamaniz, Sunday, March 12, 2023, on Instagram allartis .

“It seems that the difference in age is very different, the man is really young, if love has said everything becomes beautiful”, Comment @alfarizi1115, Sunday, March 12 2023, on Instagram allartis.

Indeed, there are many pros and cons in Wulan Guritno’s relationship, one of which is the considerable age difference, which is 15 years. (*M-Candra)


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