4 Muslim Celebrities Eat Pork, Some Are Politicized

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Islam forbids and forbids Muslims to eat dogs and pork.

This makes Muslims first ask about the contents of the food they are going to eat.

However, according to ustaz Abdul Somad, eating pork and dog is permissible as long as there is no emergency.

“Pork is haram, but eating pork is not always haram,” said Ustadz Abdul Somad when attending a virtual discussion with IDI.

The condition referred to by UAS is when a Muslim is in the forest and cannot find halal food sources around him.

In addition, if a Muslim is hungry, it is permissible to eat pork that is around him.

“So, when he entered the forest, and in the forest there was no food, no bananas, no tubers. Meanwhile (at that time) the choices were only pigs or death,” he explained.

“So at that time (Muslims) were not allowed to choose death. So, they were allowed to eat pork because (the situation was) an emergency,” he concluded.

However, it must be understood firmly that the state of emergency applies absolutely and pork is still said to be haram when there are other halal food sources.

This makes the public even more curious about the relationship between celebrities who are caught eating pork even though they are Muslim.

The following, InsertLive, summarizes a row of Muslim celebrities who were caught eating pork.

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