3 Recipes for Makassar’s typical Palu Butung Ice, Sweet Snacks Suitable for Breaking the Fast

Butung hammer ice recipe is a sweet dish from Makassar. This dish is suitable for Mother to serve as a takjil or iftar menu, you know. The taste is soft and sweet combined in one bowl.

The appearance of this hammer butung ice does look similar to green banana ice. Especially with the similar sauce and marrow porridge. However, the difference is that the hammer butung ice is not covered with banana peel dough like green banana ice, Bun.

That way, Mother can make this hammer ice at home, you know. The ingredients are easy to get and the way to make it is also easy.



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Here’s a recipe for ice hammer butung that you can serve for the iftar menu at home.

Butung Ice Hammer Recipe

1. Simple Butung Ice Hammer

Reporting from the book 100 Typical Local Cake & Drink Recipes, here’s a recipe for ice hammer butung that you can try to make at home.

Ingredients: 4 plantains, steamed, cut into pieces 800 ml of medium coconut milk 100 grams of rice flour 1/2 tablespoon of salt To taste shaved ice Red syrup to taste Sweetened condensed milk Method: Marrow porridge: mix coconut milk and rice flour, stir until the flour dissolves . Add salt, heat over low heat while stirring until the flour is cooked and thickens. Remove Prepare a bowl, put in the plantain pieces, and the marrow porridge. Give shaved ice, red syrup, and sweetened condensed milk. Serve and enjoy the hammer ice

2. Ice Palu Butung Santan

Summarized from the book 100 Favorite Compote Recipes, here is a recipe for coconut milk ice hammer

Ingredients: 1/2 banana comb 700 ml water 1 pandan leaf 130 ml coconut milk 5 tablespoons rice flour 5 tablespoons sugar A pinch of salt Syrup Ice cubes to taste Method: Steam the bananas until cooked, then cut into pieces, set aside In a saucepan add water, pandan leaves, coconut milk, rice flour, granulated sugar, a pinch of salt, stir before turning on the fire. Cook the rice flour mixture, stirring constantly, cook until thickened. Remove Prepare a serving bowl, pour the porridge mixture, add syrup, bananas and ice.

3. Butung Mutiara Ice Hammer

So that the contents are more varied, Mother can also add sago pearls in the hammer butung ice, you know.

Ingredients: 10 bananas 1 pack of sago pearls 3 pandan leaves 300 gr sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1500 ml coconut milk 2 tbsp cornstarch, melted enough water Method: Peel the bananas and cut them into pieces according to taste. Set aside Boil sufficient water with pandan then add pearl sago then boil until half cooked Add sugar and salt, stir then add banana pieces, stir again Add coconut milk and cook until boiling Add cornstarch liquid stir well and cook until boiling and thicken Serve with ice cubes.

Those are 3 recipes for Makassar typical hammer ice that you can try at home. This sweet snack can be used as inspiration for an iftar menu. Don’t forget to write down the recipe, OK?

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