11 weird portraits of fruit as a food topping, it’s not delicious, it even makes you lose your appetite

Brilio.net – Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber which are good for the body. Everyone must know the benefits of fruit, because of that many people who eat fruit either before eating rice or after. Even when you don’t eat fruit for a week, digestion immediately falls apart due to lack of fiber.

There are no specific rules about how to eat fruit, the most important thing is that fruit is washed before eating. But how the fruit is served is independent. Some eat fruit directly, can be juiced, made into fruit salad, mixed into processed products, and so on.

Although fruit is sometimes eaten with other foods, not all of these foods are compatible with fruit. Like rice, chicken, instant noodles, fried rice, it’s not right when mixed with fruit. Besides spoiling the taste, the shape is already unsightly.

Lha, really there are people who mix fruit with a heavy meal like rice? The answer is yes, not even just rice. Curious as to what it looks like? The following is brilio.net, collected from various sources on Saturday (18/3).

1. This is called eating lime topping noodles. The thin orange is not about.

eat fruit mixed with eccentric food © various sources

eat fruit mixed with eccentric food-Instagram/@wkwkland_real


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