11 The portrait of Vinay Rohrra when playing Dutta’s best friend in Nakusha until now, his face has not changed

Brilio.net – Apart from the films, Indian serials have also attracted considerable interest in the country. It’s not wrong, if TV stations in Indonesia are competing to broadcast Bollywood series. One of the Indian serials currently being broadcast is Laagi Tujhse Lagan, also known as Nakusha. This one series previously aired in 2017.

Nakusha gains a lot of fans because of its interesting story. This series tells about a beautiful girl named Nakusha who lives in a village. Unfortunately, she has to hide her beauty by making her skin dark, for fear that her beauty will be misused by bad people.

One day, Nakusha is forced to get engaged to Malmal More who is a corrupt cop. He also ran away and met Dutta Bhau. This is where the love story between the two is anchored. This series is starred by a row of Indian actresses and actors whose acting quality does not need to be doubted. One of them is Vinay Rohrra who plays Bajirao, Dutta’s best friend.

14 years since it premiered in India in 2009, apparently Vinay’s face has not changed, even though he is now in his thirties. Are you curious about the difference when you used to play at Nakusha until now? The following is brilio.net, which summarizes various sources, Sunday (19/3).


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