11 The funny writing on the rice seller’s banner makes him grin widely, there is a rice stall in a prison

Brilio.net – Rice is the staple food of Asians, including Indonesia. The food produced from rice plants contains carbohydrates that make you full and energized. Rice is so attached to Indonesians, that if you haven’t eaten it, it’s called not having eaten even though you’ve finished two packs of bread.

When it comes to culinary, for example, even though there are many various menus that you can find on the side of the road, in the end you will find rice again. Culinary business actors who rely heavily on rice, for example sellers of fried rice, uduk rice, padang rice, pecel rice, and so on.

Well, so that his business can sell people’s lyrics. The traders will put up banners in their stalls so that people are more aware. It’s just that, some of them look eccentric and make buyers grin widely. Brilio.net compiled from various sources, here is the full portrait, Saturday (18/3).

1. How about eating in prison?

cute rice stall banners © various sources

cute rice stall banner – Instagram/@sukijan.id


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