When they came home from college, they thought they could rest, the emotional moment of students not knowing that their boarding house had to be evicted made me feel touched

Brilio.net – The house is the main building that is very important for the lives of many people. In addition to providing protection from external dangers, the house is also used as a shelter for everyone to live and rest. There is much evidence on the streets of homeless people making their life difficult and full of trials.

For a student, usually they will live in a dormitory, boarding house, or rented house close to the university where they study. When the many lecture activities are finished, students will usually return to their respective residences to carry out various other activities, such as making assignments to resting to prepare for the next day.

Especially for those who migrate, the position of this residence is so important to support their lecture process. However, what happens if it turns out that the place where you have lived all this time disappears in the blink of an eye? Besides being hard to imagine, losing a place to live will certainly complicate many situations.


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