Wealth Management Digital Service Technology that Can Predict User Needs


Inclusive and innovative financial services in providing solutions to every customer need. PHOTO / DAILY DOCTOR

JAKARTA – PT Bank Neo Commerce Tbk (BNC) provides financial services that provide financial services that are inclusive and innovative in providing solutions to every customer need.

In the near future, BNC will soon launch two integrated digital services, namely the Neo Business service, a service intended for micro, small and medium business owners to assist them in developing their business.

In addition, Wealth Management services where Individual customers can purchase Mutual Fund and Bancassurance products.

“The presence of the two newest services Neo Business and Wealth Management in the form of Mutual Funds is a form of Bank Neo Commerce’s commitment to continue providing Neo Experience services that are innovative and capable of being solutions to problems faced by society,” said the Business Director of PT Bank Neo Commerce, Tbk. , Aditya Windarwo.

Neo Business Service, BNC specially designed this service for individual customers who own micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to manage their financial transactions and business transactions.

This service allows merchants to separate personal and business finances, receive and manage payments for business results from e-commerce or food delivery platforms, send payment collections to business partners or customers, and most importantly, is a payment transaction service using the Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard (QRIS). ).

Neo Business services are specifically designed to provide easy transactions, with security features in terms of the latest technology and free of administration fees, and are equipped with bookkeeping features, business analysis, QRIS merchants, online bank payment points (PPOB), and free interbank transfer facilities.

Meanwhile, the Wealth Management service allows customers to have more choices in investing through the neobank application.

Specifically for the Mutual Fund products in this service, they come with a minimum placement that is affordable for young people such as first jobbers and the middle class.

This is done to support financial and capital market inclusion to reach a wider segment.

With the existence of Wealth Management services in the neobank application, it is hoped that BNC can provide product choices that suit the needs and risk profiles of customers, and also play a role in increasing the financial inclusion and literacy of the Indonesian people.


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