WayZenNi Get Ready! WayV Will Hold Its First Fanmeeting Tour ‘PHANTOM’ in Newsdelivers.com, Look at the Ticket Prices

Beauties, which of you joined the WayZenNi fandom? Yup, there is happy news coming from the fourth NCT sub-unit boy group from China, because WayV will greet its Indonesian fans again through a fanmeeting tour event!

Before visiting Newsdelivers.com, the ‘kick back’ singer also held fan meetings in Manila and Bangkok.

Poster WayV fanmeeting tour/ Foto: instagram.com/dyandraglobal
Poster WayV fanmeeting tour/ Foto: instagram.com/dyandraglobal

This shocking news was confirmed directly by Dyandra Global, as the promoter who previously also hosted the NCT 127 concerts in November 2022 and NCT Dream last March.

The promoter uploaded the poster for the fan meeting event on Saturday (18/2) via his Instagram account. Titled ‘PHANTOM’ WayV Fanmeeting Tour in Newsdelivers.com, the WayV event in Indonesia will take place on Saturday, (29/4) at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD, Tangerang.

Held again at the same place as other NCT sub-unit events, this first fan meeting will start at 14.30 WIB.

Ticket Prices and Seat Plans

Ticket prices and seating plan for WayV's fanmeeting tour/ Photo: instagram.com/dyandraglobal
Ticket prices and seating plan for WayV’s fanmeeting tour/ Photo: instagram.com/dyandraglobal

On Wednesday (15/3), the promoter officially released a price list as well as a seat plan for WayV’s fanmeeting tour. The venue itself will be divided into five sections.

There are four categories of standing alias standing, starting from tickets for the front section and near the stage, there are CAT 1A, 1B which are priced at IDR 2.6 million. Then, section CAT 2A, 2B costs IDR 2.45 million.

Next is CAT 4 which sells for IDR 1.5 million and the cheapest ticket that fills the right and left wing of the stage, namely CAT 5, costs IDR 900 thousand. Meanwhile, for the seated category, which will receive seat numbers, the last CAT 3 was sold for IDR 1.95 million.

Fan Benefits

Fan benefits fanmeeting tour WayV/ Foto: instagram.com/dyandraglobal
Fan benefits fanmeeting tour WayV/ Foto: instagram.com/dyandraglobal

In WayV’s first tour fan meeting in Newsdelivers.com, the promoter provided benefits for fans according to their respective ticket categories. CAT 1 ticket holders get a hi-bye session, 20 autographed albums, 20 autographed posters, 5 autographed polaroids.

For CAT 2 and CAT 3 tickets, get the same benefits but different gains, namely signed albums, posters and polaroids. While CAT 4 was in the form of 5 signed posters and polaroids, and CAT 5 only got 5 signed polaroids.

However, for all ticket categories, you will both be given WayV photocards during the fan meeting in Newsdelivers.com.

WayV/ Photo: instagram.com/wayvofficial
WayV/ Photo: instagram.com/wayvofficial

This boy group, which has released a comeback album titled Phantom, is the first time they have held a live fan meeting since their debut.

This fan meeting marks the second time WayV has visited Indonesia, where in September 2022 they were guests at the Indonesia TV Awards. Unfortunately, at this special event, only five members were present, except for Winwin because of his personal schedule.

So, for those who want to meet WayV, don’t be late to join the ticket war on Wednesday (29/3) at 14.00, via wayvphantomjakarta.com, Beauties!

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