Turkey gives Finland green light for NATO membership, Blinken: We encourage you to pave the way for Sweden as well

The United States of America has welcomed the decision taken by Turkish President Recep Erdogan to pave the way for Finland’s membership in NATO.

In a tweet, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on Turkey to make way for Sweden so that both countries “strengthen the Alliance.”

We welcome Turkish President @RTErdogan’s announcement of Parliament’s upcoming ratification vote for Finland’s @NATO accession. We encourage Türkiye to ratify Sweden’s accession protocols as well. Both Finland and Sweden will strengthen the Alliance. https://t.co/9CsQMOcMGq

— Secretary Antony Blinken (@SecBlinken) March 17, 2023

We recall that Finland, along with Sweden, both announced their intention to join NATO in May, after the war launched by Russia in Ukraine caused a sudden change in attitudes towards membership in the bloc.

Erdogan said on Friday that he believes NATO “will become even stronger through Finland’s membership” and “will play a more efficient role in maintaining global security and stability.”

“With the completion of the ratification process, our relations with Finland will be strengthened on the basis of the NATO Alliance”, he added.

Turkey’s approval paves the way for Finland to join military alliance ahead of Sweden

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