To Support Indonesian Women Entrepreneurs, DANA and Ant Group Launch the SisBerdaya Program

Anyone can open a business, be it a man or a woman. Everyone has the same right to develop their own expertise, beauties. So recently, DANA and Ant Group launched the SisBerdaya program, a local initiative dedicated to empowering Indonesian women entrepreneurs, especially for those who are in ultra-micro and micro businesses.

The SisBerdaya program aims to assist women entrepreneurs in developing business management and digital skills, so that they remain competitive in the digital economy while at the same time being able to innovate and develop their businesses. SisBerdaya is a mentoring and competition program that is held for 3 months and is open to female entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia.

This activity focuses on empowering businesses, especially MSMEs with two categories of participants, namely the ultra-micro category, which is a business with 1-5 employees and records a monthly income of IDR 1 million – IDR 10 million and the Micro category, namely businesses with 6-20 employees. people and recorded a monthly income of IDR 11 million – IDR 30 million.

The SisBerdaya Program Opens Until April 17, 2023, Through the DANA Application

SisBerdaya Program by DANA and Ant GroupSisBerdaya Program by DANA and Ant Group/ Photo: Doc. FUND

Registration to take part in the SisBerdaya program has been opened from today until 17 April 2023. Beauties who wish to take part can register directly through the DANA application.

Then, after the registration process is closed and during the first stage of judging, 180 registrants from both categories will be selected by a panel of judges. Selected participants will receive a cash prize, and are eligible to enter the next phase, namely guidance and skills training for 1 month by experts from DANA, Ant Group, industry partners to government representatives.

The holistic skills training delivered during the tutoring phase covers the topics of Business Management, Digital Payments and Marketing, Global Sales Strategies and more. This training topic is designed to give participants the full experience essential for running day to day business as well as operational management.

The hope is that this training can help them innovate digitally. These sessions will be carried out in a hybrid manner with face-to-face training held in the Greater, Pekanbaru and Makassar areas to facilitate participation.

At the end of this phase, all participants must submit their business plan for final assessment. Then, the top 5 participants will gather in for the final presentation competition to be held in May 2023 to fight for a final prize of up to IDR 20 million.

Forms of Encouragement for Women Running a Business

Online Business IllustrationOnline Business Illustration/ Photo: Shutterstock

Chief of People & Corporate Strategy of DANA Indonesia Agustina Samara, said that SisBerdaya is DANA’s commitment as a digital wallet to consistently bridge Indonesia’s financial literacy and inclusion by expanding access to financial services for everyone, especially women, youth and MSMEs.

Furthermore, he also said the current problem is where there is a lack of women registered with DANA Bisnis. The presence of SisBerdaya is expected to encourage the advancement of women in running a business.

“Of the 500,000 MSMEs registered with DANA Bisnis, only 19% are led by women. This figure also indicates the lack of access, participation and opportunities for women to utilize financial technology in business and can hinder them in running their business. Through SisBerdaya, DANA together Ant Group hopes to contribute directly in encouraging women-led MSMEs to have equal participation in the economic sector, expanding women’s access and opportunities for holistic digital financial services, and increasing Indonesia’s financial literacy and inclusion,” said Agustina Samara.

Sabrina Peng, Chief Sustainability Officer of Ant Group said that SisBerdaya is an initiative that comes from the heart, because it can enhance and empower the role of women in the local community. In fact, SisBerdaya is able to raise a local community of women entrepreneurs who will continue to unite through sharing knowledge and networking to support each other and promote their business and contribute to the local economy.

He also added that the Ant Group was very excited about starting SisBerdaya with DANA.

“We are very excited to start SisBerdaya with DANA. We believe SisBerdaya will expand opportunities for women entrepreneurs to grow, and support them to reach their full potential on a global scale,” he continued.

To make SisBerdaya a more inclusive program, all materials developed during the skills training and mentoring will be publicly available on the DANA application after the program ends, potentially reaching and benefiting another 100,000 Indonesian women entrepreneurs.


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