This Chinese-faced bride was made up by the MUA to become a Javanese manten, the result was manglingi pol – Marriage is an important moment in a person’s life. Many brides-to-be try to prepare everything so that the happy moment goes smoothly and is memorable. One important preparation that must be considered is the appearance of the bride, both in terms of clothing and makeup.

The rich culture in Indonesia makes the bridal style differ from one another depending on where the bride was born. Usually, the bride and groom will wear local customs. However, sometimes the bride chooses customs from other tribes for her to use on her special day.

This was experienced by a bride with a Chinese face who wanted to marry according to Javanese custom. To realize her wish, she relied on the expertise of a reliable makeup artist or MUA to make her a Javanese bride. This event was uploaded by an MUA with a Tiktok account named @sanggar.liza.

In uploading the video, he shows his client’s typical Chinese face. Her skin is milky white and her eyes are slanted. Even so, he has lived in Indonesia since birth so he has a desire to wear Javanese customs when he gets married.

bride with Chinese face make up to be a Javanese bride © Tiktok

photo: Tiktok/@sanggar.liza

The MUA started the bridal make-up process by cleaning the face and applying moisturizer to the skin. This is done so that the bride’s skin remains moisturised and hydrated during the makeup process. After that, the MUA applies a foundation that matches the skin color of the bride and groom by applying it using a beauty blender.


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