The different styles of the 9 Nakusha actors in the usual vs everyday series, the filthy Nakusha is actually glamorous – Bollywood shows, both movies and series, are very popular in Indonesia. It’s no wonder that Indian serials that have aired for more than a decade on TV stations are still in demand today. Indian serials have exciting and dramatic stories that make the audience curious.

Like the TV series Nakusha which is back on air in Indonesia. Because of their popularity, the Nakusha players have a place in the hearts of the audience, you know. They are also very popular in Indonesia and are often invited to fill in at events.

These players have a style that is normal in the Nakusha series. Different from her glamorous everyday appearance. Intrigued by their different styles?

Next, collects the different styles of Nakusha in the usual vs everyday series, compiled by from various sources, Friday (17/3).

1. Looking dirty when playing Nakusha, actress Mahhi Vij originally has a beautiful face. In fact, on her personal Instagram, she often shows off her portraits when wearing a lehenga with extravagant details, you know.

Different styles of Nakusha actors © various sources

photo: Instagram/@lirdaayuhu & Instagram/@mahhivij


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