The difference between the appearance of 9 civil servants who used to be artists vs now, Ellen’s style, ex-Cherrybelle, makes you ache – Even though the celebrity world is synonymous with popularity and a glamorous lifestyle, this has not made the artists survive in the entertainment industry. Not a few of them finally chose to switch professions. Not infrequently they spread their wings by pursuing other professions that are the target of many people, such as Civil Servants.

Some of them also looked at the profession as Civil Servants (PNS). Now with the status of civil servants, these celebrities then decided to leave the entertainment industry that made their names. However, there are also those who make their profession as an artist just a sideline.

Their lives, which are now far from the spotlight of the cameras, often make netizens curious. Approximately, how was their style different when they were artists and now? Instead of being curious, look at the portrait collected by from various sources on Saturday (18/3).


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