The bargains are too much, these 11 funny chat transactions between buyers and sellers make it irritating – In trade transactions, there will usually be a process of asking questions to bargaining between the seller and the buyer. Not only in traditional markets or physical markets, this process also occurs in various online stores (hereinafter referred to as olshop). The chat feature in various marketplaces certainly makes it easier for sellers and buyers to communicate well with each other.

So, of course, the bargaining process also has its own limitations so that both buyers and sellers can both feel the benefits of the transaction. Usually, yes, it’s best if the buyer doesn’t bid too low, and the seller also doesn’t set a price that is too high than it should be. So that if a price agreement later occurs, no one will feel disappointed or disadvantaged from the negotiation process.

However, there is something that people do when this bargaining process takes place that irritates a lot of people. How often do you find buyers whose bids don’t even go so far that it makes not only the seller, even other people who look so excited? The following is, compiled from various sources, Friday (17/3).

1. It turns out to be gassed hahaha.

These 11 funny transaction chats between buyers and sellers make people angry © Instagram

11 funny transaction chats between buyers and sellers that make you nervous – Instagram/


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