Success in losing weight up to 25 kg, these are 5 secrets of Tina Toon’s successful diet that you can try

Beauties, you must be familiar with Tina Toon, right? Former child artist Tina Toon, who was once known for being adorable with her ‘chubby’ body, has now become an adult woman and appears manglingi after successfully dieting to lose 25 kg in weight.

So, are you curious about how Tina Toon’s diet made her have the ideal body she is today?

“In going on a diet you have to count all the calories of food, be consistent and orderly,” said Tina Toon, who shared her diet journey through her social media accounts.

He also admitted that going on a diet was not easy and not instantaneous. Not only Tina Toon, the struggle to get a healthy body with an ideal weight can’t be instant, right, beauties.

So, how does Tina Toon run her diet? Come on, see the secret below!

Secrets of the Tina Toon Diet

Replace Rice with Other Carbohydrates

Tina ToonTina Toon/ Photo: Instagram @tinatoon101

Since childhood, this little artist Tinta Toon has a full body. However, growing up he began to change his lifestyle, especially his diet.

That way, Tina Toon started her diet by avoiding rice. He did this for about eight months. In addition to avoiding rice, he also reduces dinner.

Exercise in the Gym

Tina Toon dietTina Toon/ Photo: Instagram @tinatoon101

Whatever the diet method, balancing with exercise is mandatory, Mother. Tina Toon also does this with a gym routine. He also has a personal trainer to help oversee his weight loss program.

Don’t Eat Fried Food

When changing her diet, Tina also began to choose healthy foods such as vegetables or fruits that are rich in fiber. Apart from that, Tina also avoids eating fried foods which can affect her diet process or increase her weight.

Instead, Tina Toon consumed mostly boiled food.

Count Food Calories

From Toon/Source: IG @tinatoon101Tina Toon/Photo: Instagram/@tinatoon101

So that the portion of food consumed is not excessive, Tina Toon often calculates what calories are eaten daily.

“To lose weight, I have to eat a maximum of 1000 calories, but balance it with sports or activities that emit 200-300 calories,” said Tina Toon on her personal YouTube account.

There are still other Tina Toon diet secrets that help her lose up to 25 kg. Continue reading by CLICKING HERE, beauties!


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