Still keeping the baby’s face a secret, this is the reason for Vebby Palwinta and her husband, Insertlive –

Vebby Palwinta gave birth to her second child, a boy, on Wednesday (15/3) morning at around 06.30 WIB. Vebby Palwinta’s second child was named Omar Razi Bawazier.

However, until now Vebby Palwinta and Razi Bawazier have agreed to still hide their baby’s face. For both of them, it is still too early to show off their baby’s face to the public.

“Why haven’t you shown his face because he is still so small,” said Vebby Palwinta when met in the Antasari area, South, Friday (17/3).

“Yes, for us, there are people who want to be published, there are those who want to be detained first, in religion there are other names. So we are taking care of this for this child, let’s publish it first. Later it will also be published (at the right time) ),” he continued explaining.

Even so, Vebby Palwinta revealed that the baby’s face was a combination of herself and her husband.

“It’s similar to the two of us. The main thing is that it’s stable, not just like Razi but like me too. So share it, whose eyes are similar, whose nose is similar,” he concluded.

During her second delivery, Vebby Palwinta gave birth vaginally after C-section (VBAC). VBAC is a normal delivery process after having previously had a caesarean section.

Previously, Vebby Palwinta had felt pessimistic that she could give birth normally because when she had her first child, she had a cesarean delivery.


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