Splashy Allegedly Mario Dandy Ever Run Away Without Paying for Filling Fuel to Hit a Motorcycle Bike

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Mario Dandy Satriyo has officially become a suspect in the assault case against David Ozora Latumahina. This case also managed to steal public attention.

Many public dismantled the issue regarding Mario Dandy Satriyo on social media. The public has dismantled Mario Dandy’s life one by one in the past. This right happened because many people were furious about the behavior of the son of Rafael Alun Trisambodo, a former South Newsdelivers.com Director General of Taxation official.

It turns out that there was an assumption that in 2021 the driver of a white BMW car went viral on social media without paying after refueling at a gas station in the Pesanggrahan area, South Newsdelivers.com.

It is suspected that the driver of the car was Mario Dandy.

This suspicion arose after the Twitter account @Logikapolitik.id brought back the old news.

“Tell you a little. Mario, before using Rubicon, used BMW. So, this is one of the mischiefs of the MDS aka Mario. But this case ended peacefully, it was handled by the same at J. That’s all,” tweeted the account @logikapolitik.id.

Mario DandyMario Dandy/ Photo: Twitter

The driver, allegedly Mario Dandy, ran away after filling up more than IDR 600,000 of petrol. This was conveyed by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Pesanggrahan Police, AKP Achmad Fajrul Choir when confirmed on July 30, 2021.

“The motive was for fun. The family had already paid the gas bill which had not been paid,” explained the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Pesanggrahan Police, AKP Achmad Fajrul Choir.

It is suspected that a family member has solved the problem. The family is said to have resolved the problems that were carried out by Mario Dandy with the gas station in a family manner.

“The family returned to the crime scene and it has been resolved amicably, between the family and the gas station,” said Achmad Fajrul.

Not only that, there was also news circulating where it was suspected that Mario Dandy had rioted in 2017 or 2018 in Yogyakarta. It is suspected that Mario Dandy once hit an online motorcycle taxi in the North Ring Road area of ​​Yogyakarta.

The news was shared by the Twitter account @starbytts which said Mario Dandy allegedly hit someone at the Yogyakarta red light.

“Not the first time he got into this kind of mess, I think, there was also an incident around 2017 or 2018 that happened at the Jogja North Ring Road when he was hit by a red light. I’m okay, I’m sorry for the motorcycle taxi driver who got hit too,” wrote the Twitter account @starbytts which was re-uploaded by the account @Trending_Issue, on Friday 24 February 2023.


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