Reino Barack ‘Caught’ Going Alone to Strengthen the Divorce Issue, Syahrini Is Even Allegedly Photographed in the Prostitution Area

The news of the rift in the household of Reino Barack and Syahrini has surfaced again. In fact, recently this suspicion has been increasingly discussed after news circulated that Reino was traveling alone without Syahrini’s assistance.

This is as reported by the gossip account on the Instagram network @conglie_willlneverdie. It can be seen that the account owner received a message via direct message from someone who claimed to have received news about Reino’s departure to Singapore.

Surprisingly, the businessman is even said to have boarded an economy plane to the land of lions.

“Bli, brother WA on Sunday to SGP (Singapore) met Rebek (Reino Barack) on an airplane, sitting alone in the economy,” read the message.

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This is what lies behind @conglie_willlneverdie’s strong suspicion that rumors of the divorce of Reino and Syahrini are becoming more and more real. “Is this the end of the love story of the foreskin bude? Which always ends in sorrow?” write the account.

This news immediately made Syahrini the target again, especially regarding the photos that were allegedly taken in the red district, aka the adult area in Singapore.

Still seen on the account @conglie_willllneverdie, the singer of “Something” looks charming with her all-gray and silver appearance. Syahrini was seen wearing quite large sunglasses while carrying a handbag that matched her high heels.

Syahrini acted in various poses, from standing to sitting beautifully on the road divider. However, what caught the attention was of course the large blue building that became the background for Syahrini’s photo. Investigate a calibaration, the building is suspected to be Singapore’s Red Light District or also commonly called Geylang.

It was this photo that made Syahrini increasingly the target of the public, as seen in the post comments column.

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“Oh, how come the photo is in front of Hotel 81, there are a lot of places……. That’s okay… isn’t there another place?” commented a netizen.

“What??? an increase in the economy?? maybe if the same wife also often increases the economy,” added the citizen.

“Everything that starts badly will end badly, especially those who want to start a new life in the household,” said another.


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