Profile of Carsten Breuer, Germany’s New Chief of Defense Appointed Boris Pistorius


Lieutenant General Carsten Breuer has been appointed as Germany’s new Chief of Defence. Photos/vorwaerts

JAKARTA – Lieutenant General Carsten Breuer has been appointed as the new Head of German Defense.

Quoting the Reuters page, Friday (17/3/2023), this provision was decided by the German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. For information, the Head of Defense itself is the highest position of the Berlin military.

In his new assignment, Breuer will replace General Eberhard Zorn, who previously served as Head of German Defense since 2018.

Profile of Germany’s new Defense Chief Carsten Breuer

According to his biography, Breuer was born in Letmathe in 1964. He joined the military in 1984. At that time, he was a trainee officer in the Air Defense Regiment in Achim, a unit of the Army Air Defense Forces.

Over time, his career was quite brilliant with significant promotions and various strategic positions he held. Evidently, around 2018 Breuer was appointed Head of the Territorial Task Command.

His job at that time was to be responsible for the administrative aspects of the German armed forces. When the Corona pandemic arrived, his name suddenly became popular for his success in leading the Covid-19 emergency task force in Germany from 2021 to 2022.

In addition, before being appointed to fill the position of the new Head of German Defense, Breuer was actually serving as Commander of the Bundeswehr Territorial Command and Control Command in Berlin.

Prior to his appointment, there had actually been rumors regarding the replacement of General Eberhard Zorn. This was especially the case when Boris Pistorius took over as Germany’s Defense Minister.

In this case, the appointment of Lieutenant General Carsten Breuer is not without reason. The relevant ministry regards itself as a firm and popular figure within the German military. Therefore, the choice fell on him.


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