Often Looking Charming and Glowing, Song Kang Reveals a Skincare Routine that’s Easy to Follow

Apart from his busy life as an actor, Song Kang is one of the well-known celebrities from South Korea who often stars in advertisements and becomes a brand ambassador for various famous brands. Starting from fashion products, skincare, food or drinks, and many more.

Having extraordinary acting skills to captivating visuals, it’s no wonder that many beauty brands have chosen Song Kang as a model to brand ambassador for their product, Beauties.

The personality of Song Kang, whose Zodiac Sign is TaurusSong Kang/ Photo: instagram.com/songkang_b

Call it several beauty brands to skin care such as Deoproce, Banila Co, Bobbi Brown, and so on. Well, not only appearing as a model to brand ambassador for skin care products.

Song Kang himself is also very concerned about his skin care, you know. Not long ago, she also explained several steps in her skincare routine. Let’s check the next page!

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