Men’s own room makeover size 3×3 m aesthetic end result, take a peek at 9 portraits of the transformation – Birthdays are the perfect time for you to show love for yourself. This love for yourself can be realized by giving yourself a special gift.

As did the following Tiktok account owner @yazidrizkiramadhan. In order to reward himself on his 23rd birthday, he took the initiative to do a makeover for his 3×3 meter bedroom.

In the video he uploaded, he shows the condition of the room before and after the makeover. With his creativity, this man turned a narrow room into an aesthetic and comfortable bedroom for resting.

Curious about what the transformation is like? Let’s see the portrait as summarized by from TikTok @yazidrizkiramadhan, Friday (17/3).

1. Previously, this man’s bedroom looked cramped and still empty without any furniture.

Men's own room makeover size 3x3 © TikTok


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