Mave, Korea’s First Virtual Band Grill Threatens BLACKPINK’s Popularity?


Mave, Korea’s First Virtual Band Grill. PHOTO/SCMP

SEOUL – South Korean band Mave Gril In just less than two months, Mave’s first music video has gone viral and has been watched nearly 20 million times on YouTube and has the potential to overtake BLACKPINK.

At first glance, Mave looks like any other K-pop idol band, except that it only exists virtually.

Its four members, Siu, Zena, Tyra, and Marty live in the metaverse, and their songs, dances, interviews, even hairstyles are created by web designers and artificial intelligence (AI).

“When I first saw Mave, it was a bit confusing whether they were human or virtual characters,” said Ms Han Su-min, 19 who lives in Seoul.

“Because I use the metaverse platform a lot with my friends, I feel like I can become their fan.”

The group’s human-like avatars provide an early glimpse into how the metaverse is likely to develop as South Korea’s entertainment and technology industries join hands in fledgling technology.

It is also a serious push from tech giant Kakao to become a dominant force in entertainment.

Mave is an “ongoing” project to explore new business opportunities and find ways to overcome technological challenges, said Metaverse Entertainment head Chu Ji-yeon.

Please note, MAVE will debut in 2023 under Metaverse Entertainment. They are a South Korean virtual girl group.

Mave consists of SIU, ZENA, MARTY, and TYRA, which is hyper-realistic. And carries Artificial intelligence (AI) technology, deep fake and 3D production technology.


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