Lina Mukherjee Blasphemed, UAS Reveals Conditions for Eating Pork in Islam, Insertlive –

Lina Mukherjee is in the spotlight because she eats pork, even though she is a Muslim.

The Indonesian woman who is fond of Indian artists revealed that the reason for eating food that is forbidden in Islam is simply out of curiosity.

“I’m just curious because there’s a lot of crunch on TikTok. But why do I get goosebumps when eating pork kriuk,” said Lina Mukherjee in a upload on TikTok.

Indeed, eating pork is forbidden in Islam and is considered a sin.

However, Ustaz Abdul Somad recently revealed that Muslims are allowed to eat pork under certain conditions so that the meat is not haram.

“Pork is haram, but eating pork is not always haram,” said Ustadz Abdul Somad when attending a virtual discussion with IDI.

The famous Ustaz who just got married explained more broadly about the condition that a Muslim can eat pork.

The condition referred to by UAS is when a Muslim is in the forest and cannot find halal food sources around him.

“So, when he entered the forest, and in the forest there was no food, no bananas, no tubers. Meanwhile (at that time) the choices were only pigs or death,” he explained.

But it must be understood that this state of emergency applies absolutely. In other words, pork will still be haram when other halal food sources are available.

When very hungry, Ustaz Abdul Somad explained that a person is allowed to eat pork when there is absolutely no halal food around him.

“So at that time (Muslims) were not allowed to choose death. So, they were allowed to eat pork because (the situation was) an emergency,” he concluded.


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