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RD, the son of dangdut singer Lilis Karlina who is still in junior high school, has been arrested for distributing drugs. In fact, the case that happened to RD has reached the Purwakarta Education Office (Disdik).

Kadisdik Purwakarta, Purwanto said the case that befell RD was due to wrong association from the Elementary School (SD). The reason is, while at school, the figure of RD continues to receive special attention from the school due to his attitude during the learning process.

“Based on a report from the school principal, this child does receive special attention. Sometimes he doesn’t go to school, then he sleeps at school,” said Purwanto, quoted from detikJabar.

Purwanto said the school had provided guidance for Lilis Karlina’s son. In fact, the school also called RD’s parents, but it was said that Lilis Karlina never came.

“The parents have been summoned, but the representatives who came, not the parents,” he explained.

Even though RD has been named a suspect and detained, the 15-year-old child’s right to go to school is still granted. This year RD will undergo a graduation exam from junior high school.

Evi Saeful Bachri as Lilis Karlina’s attorney said that her client is currently still in a state of shock. Evi Saeful said that since elementary school, RD has been an outstanding student. However, since entering junior high school, RD’s attitude began to change into a closed one and he liked to shut himself in his room.

“For the family itself, the child is closed. There is a lack of communication with parents, so it is difficult to talk about private matters. So the child is more active on gadgets or on social media,” explained Evi Saeful Bachri, Lilis Karlina’s attorney.

As is known, RD (15), son of Lilis Karlina was arrested by the police for a drug distribution case. RD was arrested with I, who was 26 years old, as a dealer. From that arrest, the police confiscated evidence in the form of 925 hexymer items, 740 tramadol items and 200 trihexyphenidyl items.


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