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When you become a new parent, of course Mother always pays attention to every movement of your little one. One of the concerns of mothers is the habit of babies who often look up at the ceiling, especially when they are two months old. Is it normal for this to happen?

When the baby often looks up, this can make Mother worry. You wonder what they saw up there? Are there any health problems that the baby feels?

If you’re wondering why your baby is staring at the ceiling, especially when you’re right in front of him, experts say it’s perfectly normal.



“There are many reasons babies often look at the ceiling or other surfaces in the house. They are attracted to light because babies’ vision is immature shortly after birth,” said Tiffany Kimbrough, a pediatrician based in the United States, quoted from Romper’s page, some time ago.

“Striking contrasts such as light versus dark are easier for them to see. If there is a light or fan on the ceiling, this can attract the baby’s attention and cause a smile or reaction due to different stimuli. Babies also like to see moving objects,” he continued.

Baby enters a world full of light, sound, movement and stimulation. There are many things that babies have to learn in their early life.

A baby’s brain develops, absorbs and processes their new environment. This happens when the baby’s eyes have to get used to the new world, so that the focus of his vision is developing.

Basically, it’s perfectly normal for newborns to stare at the ceiling. However, there are a number of things to consider, if Mother suspects that something else is happening to your little one, consult a doctor immediately, OK?

When to worry when baby looks up a lot?

You need to understand, babies often sleep on their backs, so looking straight up to see a fan, a ceiling texture, or maybe some lights is new and very exciting for them. Hanging toys that have mirrors also attract the attention of your little one and are useful for stimulating their development.

Sugarbaby piano playmat

However, according to experts, some cases may not be normal. As in babies who are still staring at the ceiling beyond the age of 12 to 16 weeks. So, if your baby is over 3-4 months old and they often look up, you need to worry.

Another thing to worry about and be wary of is if you can’t get your baby’s attention from looking at the ceiling, even for a short time.

This condition could be a sign of a health problem in the baby. If they don’t recognize repetitive and consistent faces like Mom and Dad, it may be time to consult a pediatrician.

What do newborns see?

Babies are born nearsighted, meaning they see best at close range. However, by the end of 3 months, they can follow moving objects, are more interested in shapes and patterns, and can see familiar faces, even from a distance.

Human faces are one of babies’ favorite things to look at, especially their own face in the mirror or a parent’s face. Install a mirror in the crib, place it safely at baby’s eye level and see how your little one takes care of himself.

Baby’s color vision is also developing. Wall hangings or brightly colored toys will help develop your little one’s ability to distinguish colors. However, soft pastel colors are difficult for babies to recognize, this can be a consideration when buying toys and books for your little one.

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