Indra Bekti’s house was highlighted after being sued for divorce, perforated roof & lots of cockroaches, Insertlive –

Indra Bekti decided to stay at his parents’ house after being sued for divorce by Aldilla Jelita at the South Religious Court.

It is known that the presenter returned to live in the inheritance of his parents.

The 45-year-old man had the opportunity to show the public the house he now lives in.

From public monitoring, Indra Bekti’s house is far from luxurious when compared to his residence with Aldilla Jelita and their children.

It can be seen that part of the ceiling of the house where he now lives has holes in several parts because of termites eating it.

“This was my house when I was small, now I want to renovate it a little to get it out. Look at (the roof), yes, Allah is my home,” said Indra Bekti.

Seeing the condition of his childhood home, Indra Bekti promised to start renovating his parents’ house.

“We are renovating the house. This is especially being repaired. Look at this, yes, my house, oh my God. This was my house when I was little, now I want to do a little renovation to get rid of termites, ants, moreover, yes, caterpillars, cockroaches, rats, and others,” he continued.

When asked about his feelings about returning to live at his parents’ house, Indra Bekti admitted that he was sad.

However, he said that his decision to divorce would be resolved amicably, including the matter of wealth.

“I’m sad, sad, yeah, because I’m back at my parents’ house. Yes, later Dila will not know what the deal is like. Yes, there will be something to share,” he concluded.


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