Gregoria Mariska failed to reach the 2023 All England semifinals after being silenced by Chen Yu Fei


BIRMINGHAM – Indonesian women’s singles Gregoria Mariska Tunjung failed to advance to the semifinals of the All England 2023 after being eliminated by fourth seed from China, Chen Yu Fei. Jorji -Gregoria’s nickname- gave up two straight games 24-22 and 21-23.

Jorji put up a fight for 52 minutes in the quarter-finals at the Utilita Arena, Birmingham, Friday (17/3/2023) evening WIB. At the start of the first game, Jorji was behind 1-4.

However, the 14th ranked player in the world slowly found his best touch, leveling the score 6-6 and winning 11-10 in the first game interval.

Gregoria continued to widen her lead to 14-10 thanks to cross balls. However, Chen Yu Fei began to be able to read her game and was able to get close at 14-15.

A slick cross dropshot managed to make Chen Yu Fei level at 15-15 and the score continued to draw until the score was 20-20. A tight battle ensued at critical points but Chen Yu Fei came out victorious with a score of 24-22.

At the start of the second game the match was still running fiercely until the score reached 3-3. However, after that Gregoria made many unforced errors so that the opponent who was ranked 4th in the world could walk away with an 8-5 advantage.

The Wonogiri-born player had time to catch up again at 8-8. In fact, getting six straight points to lead 11-8 in the second game interval.

After the break, Jorji continued to maintain his lead, but then the score came back level at 15-15. Chen Yu Fei took the lead again 19-17, but Gregoria caught up with him at 20-20.

Victory was in front of Jorji’s eyes when he led 21-20. However, he failed to capitalize on the opportunity and instead lost 21-23 in the second game.


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