Gigi Makes ‘Hot’ Fans at the ‘Free Your Soul in’ Concert, Insertlive –

Gigi Band greets its fans in a concert titled Free Your Soul in on Friday (17/3) at the Puri Agung Convention Center, Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Central

The four-member group opened the concert with the songs Oo.0o.Oo, Terbang, Awaited Certainty, and Peace of Love.

Armand as Gigi’s vocalist thanked the fans who were present.

“Thank you for attending the Road to 50th anniversary of Grand Sahid and 30 years of Gigi. Since I was very young until now, all Gigi Kita fans,” he said.

On the other hand, Thomas said that this was Gigi’s first indoor concert.

“This is Gigi’s first concert indoors. So it feels really different, isn’t it hot tonight? Everyone’s hot right?” added Thomas.

Dental Band ConcertDental Band Concert/ Photo: Nadiyas

Thomas continued that he also thanked all the fans who were willing to spend money to reminisce and watch this concert.

“You have time to spend money wanting to be nostalgic with your ex-boyfriend and the one you love,” he explained again.

Gigi also thanked Grand Sahid for providing the venue for the concert. They also hope that there will be concerts of other Indonesian bands at this venue.

“Thank you Grand Sahid for this concert, maybe there will be other concerts that have this kind of shape as well,” concluded Thomas


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