FACT CHECK: Innalillahi, Aliando Syarief Died, Due to a Mysterious Disease?

Suara Denpasar – Circulating news that informed Aliando Syarief had died caused an uproar on social media.

Aliando Syarief reportedly died due to a mysterious illness. This news comes from the Viral Home YouTube channel

“Innalillahi, Aliando Syarief suddenly died due to a mysterious illness,” said a statement quoted on Friday (17/3/2023).

Viral Home YouTube channel claims Aliando Syarief died after his body appeared many black spots. It’s just that in the video thumbnail, Aliando Syarief doesn’t appear. The content is only in the form of snapshots of people being mourned.

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“Aliando Syarief Suddenly Dies Due to a Mysterious Disease,” wrote the narration in the thumbnail. The video has been watched by 3.8 thousand users, since it was uploaded on Monday, (13/3/2023).

Then, is it true that the news says that actor Aliando Syarief has died?


Launching a search from Turnbackhoax.id, Aliando referred to in the video is not actor Aliando Syarief. He is a baby from Musi Banyuasin (Muba), South Sumatra, named Aliando. Aliando himself was 11 months old, died of an unknown disease.

The Regent of Muba, Beni Hernedi, said the toddler’s death was very odd because there were no signs of anything except the black spots.

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Based on the conclusion above, the video with the following link https://youtu.be/cG2iHfyrvsA is wrong.

The claim that Aliando Syarief died due to a mysterious disease is a hoax, the video has led to opinions as if the incident had happened to the baby from Musi. That happened to Aliando Syarief because he has the same name.

In fact, until now actor Aliando Syarief is known to be still active on his Instagram social media account. In his personal Instagram post @aliandooo which was uploaded on March 7 2023, it is known that Aliando is enjoying a holiday moment in Bali. (*/Dinda)


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