Eko Patrio’s Explanation of the Origin of Money to Build a Luxury House of IDR 150 Billion

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Eko Patrio finally gave an answer when his luxurious residence attracted a lot of unpleasant comments from netizens.

Many social media users are curious about the origin of Eko Patrio’s money so he can buy this luxury house in the South Newsdelivers.com area.

The reason is, the price of Eko’s luxury house is indeed quite fantastic, which is worth IDR 150 billion.

“It’s actually a house for content, renting it,” said Eko Patrio when appearing on the Morning Morning program on Trans TV, Tendean, South Newsdelivers.com, quoted on Friday (17/3).

As is well known, Eko built a luxurious Mediterranean-style house with an area of ​​2000 m2 on a land area of ​​900 m2 in the Kuningan area, South Newsdelivers.com.

Viona then expressed her gratitude because Eko’s hard work for 22 years was finally able to build this luxurious house.

“For me and Mas Eko, thank God, it was 22 years of hard work for Mas Eko from being an artist, from Ekomando. We were there (in that luxury house) sharing a ride. They had children,” said Viona.

“We used to be happy together, our small children lived in the old house. 7 years, 10 years in the apartment, the children grew more mature, if we met people, if not in the apartment pool, in the apartment lobby. Syawal and Varo slept together. We just look for (houses) anywhere near here, get them in that area,” said Eko Patrio.

Eko then explained about the origin of his money so he could build this luxury residence.

Eko said that all of this was the result of his hard work with his beloved wife.

“If we are looking for real money, we collect a piece of silver, two pieces of silver work 24 hours, head becomes foot, foot becomes head. I dedicate it all to my family. If suddenly I have a house and everything, thank God it’s the result of Viona’s and my hard work. ,” said Eco.

“Viona is also not just a housewife, she has her business and I also have a business and so on. Thank God, God willing, the sustenance is a blessing from Allah SWT, we save it, we keep it for school children, health, and all kinds of insurance. Suddenly the child asks also the house. ‘Here daddy has this (money)’,” he continued.

Even so, Viona said that Eko sacrificed many things in order to collect a lot of money.

One of Eko’s sacrifices is losing time with his family.

“The process doesn’t go back and forth. Mas Eko, when he was still the MC, met at home Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,” concluded Viona.


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