Eko Patrio’s clarification regarding the alleged close relationship with Mario Dandy’s father

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Eko Patrio had mentioned about one of the incidents of arrogant acts by young people, where he knew the father of the child. The public suspected that the people Eko was referring to were Mario Dandy and his father, Rafael Alun.

Eko Patrio discussed this with Kiky Saputri.

“Gini Ky, what you were talking about earlier. That’s actually what happened yesterday. His father is a close friend of mine, and his children are also close to Syawal, Faro and Nayla,” said Eko Patrio on Kiky Saputri’s YouTube channel, which aired on February 28, 2023.

“In the end, it becomes an example. Oh, you see, if you are arrogant, you are arrogant, you are arrogant, then you will be like him, you know. Don’t be,'” said Eko Patrio.

Eko Patrio, when he became a guest star, Morning Morning Ambyar Trans TV, gave clarification. The person Eko Patrio referred to in the conversation was an arrogant Fortuner driver who made a fuss with online taxis and ended up being arrested by the police.

“Want to clarify, he said that I was close to Mr. Rafael and so on, that’s really wrong. We do get along and I open as much access as possible for my child to associate. Actually my child doesn’t hang out with Rafael’s child, not the tax person. But my child gets along with those who have a problem with the arrogant name of the Fortuner car. It’s a friend (of my child) from childhood,” explained Eko Patrio.

Eko Patrio and his wife, Viona, said they knew the young man’s parents. The young Fortuner driver who went viral because of his arrogant actions on the road looking for a fuss with online taxi drivers is called Eko, a friend of his children from childhood.

“That’s a friend (child) from childhood, after all, his mother’s father is also my friend, Viona’s friend too. I support, I help, I fully support,” he said.

“Because for me friendship is an asset for me. Even though we are in a troubled condition, we have to help, we support, but the legal process is still going on,” said Eko Patrio.

The event of a friend of the child who is arrogant like that is immediately used by Eko Patrio as a lesson for his children. Eko Patrio reminded his three children about the impact if they do things that are not commendable.


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