Criticism of Lina Mukherjee Showing Off Eating Pork, Gus Miftah: Repent, Insertlive –

Gus Miftah criticized celebrity Lina Mukherjee’s actions regarding the content of eating pork.

According to Gus Miftah, Lina Mukherjee’s actions were very unfortunate.

Moreover, Lina Mukherjee as a follower of Islam freely eats pork which clearly violates Allah’s prohibition in the Qur’an.

“In social media, a woman who claims to be Muslim is so relaxed and even seems to be showing off, she eats pork,” said Gus Miftah.

“Even though the prohibition of pork in the Qur’an is clear, where we can read in Surah Al Maidah verse 3,” he continued.

Gus Miftah explained that at first he didn’t want to interfere with Lina’s business, who chose to eat pork.

However, when the video went viral, he chose to intervene.

He thinks that Lina is proud to show off and commit disobedience.

“Sorry, I have no business for you to eat pork, that’s your business. However, it is our business when you post the immorality and sins that you have committed,” he explained.

“Why? Because it seems as if you are proud of the disobedience and sins you have committed, even though Allah is the best covering the disgrace of His servants,” he continued.


Gus Miftah also highlighted Lina’s attitude of saying basmalah before eating pork.

“If you say, ‘This, right, is my personal business’. If it’s your personal business, don’t post it. When you post it, it’s as if you’re mocking, ridiculing Allah’s prohibition for Muslims not to consume pork, and you do I am proud of it,” he added.

“Even starting with bismillahirrahmanirrahim. This is for me, you are among those who show off their disobedience and sins,” he concluded.

Lina Mukherjee is known to show off her action of eating pork on social media.

He admitted that he did not care even if he had to be removed from the Family Card.

“Bismillah, uh, forgot. I seem to have been fired from the family card, I have violated the pillars of faith. Never mind, okay, I’m honest with you guys eating pork,” said Lina Mukherjee in a viral video.


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