China Creates Artificial Intelligence Digital Presenter with the Ability of 1,000 News Presenters


Ren Xiaorong would work 24 hours a year without needing to rest. Photos/Daily Mail.

JAKARTA – China made a surprise by presenting another new digital presenter named Ren Xiaorong. Ren Xiaorong is different from other news anchors because it is a product of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What’s more, Ren Xiaorong’s abilities will actually be more sophisticated than other news anchors. The reason is that China claims that the virtual presenter has been filled with the latest information. Ren Xiaorong’s intelligence is so great that it is believed to be equivalent to 1,000 news anchors.

“The capacity of 1,000 presenters has been given to me. For 365 days and 24 full hours I will report the news without a break,” said Ren Xiaorong in his introduction event on Chinese-made social media, Weibo.

The problem is that according to the Daily Mail, Ren Xiaorong can’t be careless at work. He was only tasked with bringing news that had previously been controlled by the Chinese government.

China Creates Artificial Intelligence Digital Presenter with the Ability of 1,000 News Presenters

Besides that, Ren Xiaorong was only allowed to answer certain questions. So the Chinese government has provided topics and questions that are allowed to be asked of Ren Xiaorong.

“This is commonplace because Ren Xiaorong works at the news agency owned by the Chinese government, the People’s Daily,” said the Daily Mail.

Ren Xiaorong is actually not the first digital presenter made in China. Actually China has also made three artificial intelligence presenters in 2018. The three digital presenters are employed in news agencies in China such as Xinhua.

It’s just that the ability of the three robots is considered obsolete. Especially now that new artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT are getting more sophisticated. That’s what made China re-introduce a new presenter with a higher ability through Ren Xiaorong.

Robin Li, Chief Executive of Baidu, said that the existence of digital presenters in China was not presented to accelerate the artificial intelligence industry in that country. “They are there only because the public wants it,” explained Robin Li.


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