Called having body goals, take a peek at 11 portraits of Dutta’s brother Roops on Nakusha who likes sports – Indian series have a special place in the hearts of Indonesian television viewers. It’s not wrong if this show has ever dominated Indonesian television shows. This time, the Nakusha series also managed to steal the audience’s attention.

The show, which tells the story of a dark-skinned girl named Nakusha, has an interesting storyline. The mother hid her beauty because she was worried that her baby would become the center of attention from the men.

On his way, Nakusha meets a man named Dutta. He has four sisters, one of which is Roops. He is told as a character that makes the audience emotional because he tries to separate Nakusha and Dutta.

But outside of his antagonistic role in soap operas, it seems that the Roops actor has a sports hobby, you know. Here has summarized 11 of his portraits from various sources on Saturday (18/3).


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