Already having two children, his body is praised as still like a girl, here are 11 new portraits of Uut Permatasari – Uut Permatasari and her husband Tri Goffarudin Pulungan’s household looks more complete with the arrival of their second baby. The owner of Goyang Ngecor was blessed with a second child on July 1, 2022. Uut had reaped the spotlight because she gave birth at the age of four.

Apparently, even though she was only 4 months into giving birth, the singer from Sidoarjo, East Java is currently undergoing a third child program. Uut hopes to get pregnant with a third child in the near future. So, she can give birth in 2023. The reason, he realized that giving birth over the age of 40 is quite risky.

Now Uut is enjoying his moment as a busui at the age of four. Interestingly, his physique has shrunk again and is even called slim by netizens. Even though he already has two children, Uut’s appearance actually looks like a girl’s.

Her youthful appearance makes the woman born in 1982 even more charming. As summarized from Instagram @uutpermatasari, Friday (17/3), here’s the latest portrait of Uut Permatasari who is praised for being slim even though he already has two children.


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