After a long vacuum, Rianti Cartwright tells about her busy life taking care of her only child –

Rianti Cartwright’s life has changed since she was blessed with a child. The beautiful princess named Cara Rose Kanaya Nainggolan came to the world after waiting 9 years.

The birth of Cara Rose became a new chapter for Rianti as a woman. She is now living the role of wife and mother.

Rianti, who often appears on television, has rarely been seen since she was blessed with a child through IVF or IVF. Rianti is now enjoying her new role.



When invited to the Brownis event, Cassanova Alfonso’s husband brought his daughter to the studio. Cara Rose, who is now 2.5 years old, looks shy when she appears in front of the camera.

“Oh, I’m really excited, he’s 2.5 years old, he’s funny, he must be really happy. But now he doesn’t want to be photographed and videotaped, so let’s just follow him,” said Rianti, quoted from the TRANS TV Official YouTube channel.

“Sometimes you have tantrums, sometimes you want to take part in shooting, sometimes you don’t want to, that’s okay,” he said, looking at the princess.

Even though Cara Rose often acts shy in front of many people, Rianti said that Cara Rose is actually a Batak-blooded daughter who also has an extrovert side, Mother.

“Actually, she wants to join in but is a bit shy. But she actually has an extrovert soul too, this is Butet (daughter) right,” he said.

After a vacuum from the world of entertainment since becoming a mother, Rianti is no longer seen on television or in films. He last starred in the soap Lost Love in 2019.

Taking a break from the world of entertainment to fulfill her role as Mother, Rianti admits that she misses her job as an actress. Read on the next page.

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