9 ways to get rid of hiccups during fasting, without drinking

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Although not a medical condition that is dangerous, hiccups are very annoying and uncomfortable, especially during fasting. However, Mother need not worry because there are several ways to get rid of hiccups during fasting without having to drink and cancel it.

Hiccups can occur when the diaphragm muscle spasms or contracts. The diaphragm itself is located below the solar plexus and above the stomach. There are many things that can trigger this.

Mothers can experience hiccups because the brain reacts to certain emotions. For example, stress, nervous, anxious, or overly excited. Because of the overflowing emotions, there is interference with the nerves that connect the brain to the diaphragm.



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Causes of hiccups while fasting

There are many factors that can cause hiccups, including eating too much or too quickly, drinking soft drinks, swallowing air for example from eating chewing gum or sudden changes in temperature.

Launching from the Healthline page, lifestyle factors that can cause hiccups include:

Eating too much or fast Carbonated drinks Eating spicy food Being stressed or excited Drinking alcohol

9 Ways to get rid of hiccups while fasting

In general, hiccups will go away on their own without any treatment, Mother. However, in some cases hiccups can last for a long time, causing discomfort to the mother and painful diaphragm muscles.

Apart from drinking water or swallowing food, here are some ways you can do to get rid of hiccups. Among them:

1. Hold your breath

Inhale deeply through your nose, hold your breath for about 10 seconds. After that, exhale slowly and repeat up to three or four times. Repeat every 20 minutes if the hiccups don’t go away.

2. Breathe with a paper bag

Prepare an empty paper bag that is strong enough. Place the neck of the paper bag over your mouth and nose, not all over your face. make sure the mouth and nose are covered by the paper bag. Then, breathe into it.

Without realizing it, you will inhale carbon dioxide for a long time. The diaphragm muscles that were previously contoured will also relax again.

Make sure you don’t use a plastic bag because it will stick to your mouth and nose when you breathe.

3. Sit while hugging your knees

Sit with your legs bent, hug your knees while leaning forward as if you want to curl up. Hold this position for approximately 2 minutes. This position will put pressure on the diaphragm area, so that trapped air can come out.

4. Blow up a balloon

If the balloon is accessible, you can also try inflating the balloon, deflating it, and then blowing it up again. This can also help Mother get rid of the hiccups.

5. Pulling the tongue

Even though it sounds funny, this method also works to get rid of the hiccups that bother you, you know. Pull your tongue gently a little, this can help stimulate your nerves and muscles.

6. Anal massage

If other steps for dealing with hiccups during fasting haven’t worked, try massaging your heartburn area. The diaphragm muscle is located just below the solar plexus, above the stomach. Apply gentle pressure to the area with your fingertips for 20 to 30 seconds.

7. Gently massage the carotid artery

You have carotid arteries on both sides of your neck, that’s what you can feel when you check your pulse by touching your neck. Lie down, turn your head to the left, and massage the artery on your right side in a circular motion for 5 to 10 seconds.

8. Prominent ears

Popping ears with the Valsalva technique can also stop hiccups, suggests a study published in the British Journal of General Practice.

With this technique, you only need to squeeze your ears with the Valsalva maneuver, close your mouth and pinch your nose while blowing air as if you were blowing your nose.

9. Pressing the chest gently while leaning forward

Stand or sit in a chair with an upright back. Take a deep breath, then slowly lean forward as you exhale. Remain in this position for up to 2 minutes.

Although not scientifically proven, this can put pressure on the diaphragm and surrounding muscles, which can help stop your hiccups.

So, those are some ways to get rid of hiccups that you can do without having to drink a lot and break your fast. Hopefully useful, yes, Mother.

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Also, watch the video of stomach acid rising during fasting which is below, Mother.

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