11 The funny writing on this jar makes those who want to eat doubtful, how come?

Brilio.net – A jar or food container with a lid, for some people, is synonymous with the atmosphere of Eid. Because at that moment a lot of food was served in jars of nastar, wafers, biscuits and much more. But in fact, jars are used quite often in everyday life, for example to store crackers so they don’t get sluggish, or as a place to store sugar.

The shape and material of the jars vary, some are made of glass so that the contents inside can be seen. However, some are made of plastic, so when you look at it from the outside, it’s hard to tell what’s inside.

There is a jar that we usually refer to as a can, this container is often used to store crackers, rengginang, and many more. Now, to differentiate the contents of one jar from another, the owner will add writing, both on the lid of the jar and on the body.

But how come the following jar has weird writing and makes you hesitate to eat it, right? Intrigued by the contents of the writing? Brilio.net summarized from various sources on Friday (17/3), here are 11 funny inscriptions on this jar that make those who want to eat doubtful, how come?


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