VANNER Profile, K-Pop Boy Group ‘Peak Time’ Contestants Known as Part Time Idols

The survival program ‘Peak Time’ is currently being discussed by the public because of its interesting format. The contestant that caught the most attention since the first episode was the 11:00 team who impressed by performing SEVENTEEN’s ‘Adore U’ in the preliminary round. Behind the pseudonym in the program, the 11:00 team is VANNER.

VANNER officially debuted on February 14 2019. However, due to debuting during a pandemic, the agency that overshadowed VANNER, namely VT Entertainment, experienced problems in the form of financial problems for the group promotion period.

This caused the director as well as all VANNER members to choose to take part-time jobs as side jobs from working in the entertainment industry.

Containing 5 talented and hardworking members, here are profiles and interesting facts from VANNER. Come on, beauties!

1. Lee Tae Hwan

Portrait Taehwan VANNER
Portrait Taehwan VANNER/ Photo:

VANNER is led by Lee Tae Hwan who also takes the position of the main vocalist of the group. The member who is more commonly referred to as Taehwan was born on January 15, 1994.

Before debuting with VANNER, Taehwan was an idol trainee under Pledis Entertainment and was rumored to be joining SEVENTEEN’s debut line-up.

Meanwhile, Taehwan was recently reported to be free from mandatory military service because he is the sole breadwinner of a farming family. Now Taehwan works as a waiter at a tteobbokki restaurant in addition to his main job as an idol.

2. GON

Portrait GON VANNER/ Photo:

GON was born on August 7, 1995 with the real name Lee Won Seo. In VANNER, GON fills the position as main dancer and rapper. Uniquely, GON is a dance trainer in preparation for VANNER’s debut.

But at the end of the debut preparations, the agency asked him to join as a group member so that a 5 member formation was created. Amidst the agency’s financial difficulties to carry out group promotional activities, GON works as a barista.

3. Park Hye Sung

Portrait Hyesung VANNER
Portrait Hyesung VANNER/ Photo:

At the beginning of his participation with VANNER in the survival program ‘Peak Time’, Hyesung’s appearance attracted enough public attention because of his pink hair color amidst the dark hair color of the other members.

Not only that, the public was also captivated by the charismatic aura and energetic appearance of a member of VANNER who was born on January 17, 1996. In the group, Hyesung is in charge of being a dancer as well as a vocalist.

Outside of his work as an idol, Hyesung works at the same tteokbbokki restaurant as Taehwan.

4. Ahxian

Portrait Ahxian WATERS
Portrait of Ahxian VANNER/ Photo: koreaboo,.com

In the latest unit competition ‘Peak Time’, Ahxian succeeded in impressing the public with his ability to sing rap lyrics with the Unit C team. This is not surprising because the idol with real name Park Sung Kook is the main rapper in the group.

Park Sung Kook uses the stage name Ahxian because he wants to represent Asia. Meanwhile, Ahxian is an idol born on March 27, 1996 who has a part-time job as a Lotteria courier at the Shinjeong intersection.

5. Yeongkwang

Portrait Yeongkwang VANNER
Portrait Yeongkwang VANNER/ Photo:

The youngest member of VANNER is Yeongkwang. Yeongkwang was born on September 22, 1997 with the real name Ahn Young Jun. His position in the group is as visual and vocalist.

Despite being the youngest, Yeongkwang was able to show his charming charm when appearing on stage. Just like the other VANNER members, Yeongkwang has a part-time job. The member who is proficient in Japanese works as an employee at the CGV cinema near Konkuk University.

Beauties, that’s the profile and interesting facts of VANNER – the boy group that started to attract public attention since their participation in ‘Peak Time’ as the 11:00 team. We wish VANNER more success in the future with all the potential talents of its members, Beauties!

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