How to Fast for Breastfeeding Mothers so that Breast Milk is Smooth & Healthy, Pay Attention to Rest

Ramadan fasting is in sight. Come on, breastfeeding mothers who want to practice worship in the month of Ramadan, see tips on how to fast for breastfeeding mothers so that breast milk is smooth and healthy.

During the month of Ramadan, all Muslims are required to observe fasting. Some of them get relief for not fasting, including some breastfeeding mothers who experience exhaustion.

So, for mothers who are in the healthy category, carrying out the Ramadan worship is certainly looking forward to it, Mother. Although sometimes, on the one hand, many mothers think about how to have a large supply of breast milk during fasting, this is not an obstacle to worshiping during Ramadan.



Ramadan fasting considerations for nursing mothers

However, for mothers who may have newborns and are still very small, it is better to postpone their fast first. And, even if you force yourself to fast, don’t forget to consult with your doctor or lactation consultant first, Mother.

Regarding that, an important factor that needs to be considered when you are fasting is the age of your baby. If the baby is still very small (less than six months) and is very dependent on breast milk, then it is best not to fast.

If the baby is more than one year old, has been given complementary food and drinks breast milk only a few times a day, or only while sleeping, then Mother may be able to fast with little or no discomfort as said by Dr. Naomi Mirza, quoted from the Breastfeedingsupport page.

Don’t forget too, during fasting during Ramadan it is important for nursing mothers to fulfill their daily intake with healthy and well-nourished foods. Choose the right food for sahur and breaking your fast, Mother.

Adjusting the diet is an important key so that the milk supply does not decrease. So, what needs to be understood is that the process of fasting is not related to a decrease in the supply of breast milk or a change in the nutritional composition of fat. However, fasting can affect micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in breast milk.

Indeed, there isn’t enough research to show how fasting might affect breastfeeding. However, research conducted on some breastfeeding mothers, shows that there are striking differences in the relationship between breastfeeding and fasting.


Studies show that fasting can lead to early weaning and sudden cessation of breastfeeding.

However, the problem appears only after long fasts (such as Ramadan). While fasting for only one day has no impact on breast milk. Regarding how fasting affects breast milk, this is because the fat content in breast milk does not change when fasting for a day. However, the same is not true for longer fasting durations.

We already know that inadequate nutrition does not actually change the composition of breast milk. The same thing can happen when fasting. But, fasting can lead to deficiencies of other nutrients in breast milk. If fasting causes weight loss, it may be time to rethink your priorities.

This is because breast milk will release fat from your body to compensate for the lack of fat in your diet. Therefore, breastfeeding combined with fasting may not be healthy. If you want to lose weight during pregnancy, fasting is not the answer. Instead, it might leave you with a nutritional deficiency.

However, if fasting doesn’t affect your mother’s condition and also your milk production, there’s nothing wrong with continuing Ramadan fasting.

Smooth fasting tips for breastfeeding mothers

Mothers, so that Ramadan fasting during breastfeeding continues smoothly, let’s see how to fast for breastfeeding mothers so that breast milk is smooth & healthy:

1. Proper diet

Make sure Mother gets good food when breaking the fast and sahur intake. Eat high fiber, low glycemic index foods like brown rice to maintain energy levels longer during the day.

2. Drink as much as possible

Breastfeeding can make you thirsty. So, make sure you get enough fluids. This is especially important during hot weather to avoid dehydration.

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3. Get as much rest as possible

Get plenty of rest to save energy while fasting during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be draining. And, if you fast, you may feel more dehydrated. So, rest when you can as much as you can.

4. Keep an eye on the baby

There is a small chance that the baby will get less milk when you fast. So, always keep an eye on your little one, Mother. If you notice less wet diapers, weight loss, talk to your doctor, Mom.

Hope the information helps, Mother.

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