5 Ways to Educate Girls to Be Smart and Courageous

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Educating girls is as difficult as educating boys. Not only that, every parent also wants their daughter to grow up smart and be brave.

A study explains that at the age of 6 years, girls easily believe that they are not as smart as boys. These doubts that arise often have a negative impact on the decisions they make later.

Launching from the Forbes page, there is no single cause for this confidence gap. New research has even found that many parents project this gender bias onto their daughters without realizing it.



How to educate girls to be smart and brave

Just like boys, girls can also grow up to be smart and brave kids. Launching from various sources, here are some ways to educate them:

1. Grow courage at bedtime

Motivational speaker, Jim Fannin, says that you can teach kids aged 2 and up by cultivating a sense of courage during bedtime. After they fall asleep, you can whisper in a low voice in their ear, ‘You are very brave. Mother believes in you’.

Quoting from the Parents page, Mother can repeat this three or four times a week. Research shows that the mind is most receptive to positive suggestions before going to sleep.

2. Encourage children’s ambitions

The word ambition is often considered more negative when associated with girls. Therefore, mothers need to encourage and embrace their daughter’s ambitions in a more positive direction.

For example, how big their dreams are or what things they want. Even so, parents are also careful and do not let their children’s unfulfilled aspirations dampen their dreams. This was quoted from the Forbes page.

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