Old Refuse! These 4 Beautiful Indonesian Artists Even Look Younger Every Year, Some Even Have 4 Grandchildren!

Someone who is no longer young will be very natural if wrinkles appear and a body that is not as ideal as it used to be. Eits, but there are also you know, Beauties, a line of artists who are still young, healthy, and fit at their no longer young age.

Aging doesn’t seem to apply to them. Hmm, who are the artists who refuse to grow old at the age of 4? Let’s listen!

1. The month of Guritno

Having body goals and a youthful 'look' like Wulan Guritno is the dream of many women.  This makes netizens curious about how Wulan takes care of her body.Wulan Guritno/ Photo: Instagram @wulanguritno

Well, if this one artist has been the talk of the town for quite a while, Beauties. Stepping on four heads, Wulan doesn’t look drastically old, you know, Beauties. In fact, as she got older, Wulan Guritno’s beauty was increasingly recognized.

Even though she already has three children, Wulan doesn’t look much different from her children, you know, Beauties, many even compare Wulan with her first child, Shalom Razade, as brother and sister. Wulan admits that in order to look younger, she maintains a healthy diet and lifestyle. As if refusing old, Wulan Guritno aged like a fine wine.

2. Juni Shara

Yuni SharaYuni Shara/Photo: instagram.com/yunishara36

Apart from Wulan Guritno, another artist and singer who is no less youthful is Yuni Shara. With a petite body and fit skin, Yuni Shara doesn’t look like someone who has stepped on her five heads, Beauties.

One of the secrets to staying young that he shares is using natural ingredients such as aloe vera which is used as a mask. Apart from that, he also routinely maintains his diet and lifestyle.

For food intake, this well-known singer avoids foods with high fat content and for healthy activities, he regularly exercises to maintain his body shape.

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