Buying Sisca Kohl a Rp. 1.2 billion bracelet for Valentine’s Day, Jess’s No Limit action reaps praise – After getting married, the couple Jess No Limit and Sisca Kohl often show their intimate portraits through social media. Both also give each other special gifts at fantastic prices. This was also what Jess No Limit did on Valentine’s Day.

Some time ago, Sisca Kohl shared a video containing a Valentine’s gift from her husband on her Instagram. However, in the video Sisca only shows some of her prizes. Then, in a video uploaded on Jess No Limit’s YouTube, netizens were recently surprised when they found out the total prize price for Sisca Kohl.

“A gift of IDR 1.5 billion for his beloved wife Sisca Kohl,” wrote a statement in the video quoted by from YouTube Jess No Limit on Tuesday (14/3).

In the video, Jess is seen inviting Sisca to a luxury shopping center. Apparently Jess wanted to give a gift in the form of luxury jewelry for his wife. The two of them also seemed to enter one of the branded jewelry outlets.

jess no limit buy 1.5 billion bracelet for sisca kohl © various sources

foto: YouTube Jess No Limit

The second choice fell on a bracelet that has a panther animal icon. Not only as decoration, the eyes of the panther animal are made of green emerald stones which are known to be very luxurious.


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