Nike Ardilla’s acting partner in the soap opera None is now a diva, here are 11 of her newest youthful portraits – Nike Ardilla is an Indonesian music legend. His name was so popular in the 90s. Her beauty and distinctive voice make this lady rock very loved. In fact, at a very young age, he has won various achievements from within and outside the country.

However, unfortunately he left the world so quickly at a very young age and at the peak of his career. He died in a car accident on March 19, 1995. Even though he is gone, fans of Nike Ardilla’s creations will always be remembered.

Not only music, Nike Ardilla is also talented in acting. Until now, footage of Nike Ardilla’s films and soap operas are still frequently shown on social media. One of them is the soap opera None which aired in 1994.

Nike played the character as this goddess, competing acting with a singer who was also popular at the time, you know. The Nike duet partner appeared with a bob haircut and natural makeup. He was seen wearing a sleeveless shirt made of jeans.

Are you curious about who this artist is? Come on, take a look at the portrait collected by from Instagram @krisdayantilemos on Monday (13/3).


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